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Port-Louis exhibition

100 artists get inspired by Fish - 8th of May 2011

The Saint-Pierre chapel lends it's magnificent premisses for an exhibition that gathers 100 artists around a unique topic: fish. This exhibition organized at the initiative of Catherine D of the association "Like a fish in art" is taking place in Port-Louis for the 6th year running.

5 000 visitors expected: The 5 000 average usual visitors will no doubt be back for this excellent year 2011 vintage. Flat or rough, round or square, painted or stuck, tinned or caught in nets, made of wood, string or metal, fish have absolutely inspired these professional or amateur artists from 7 to 77 years old who offer here a most eclectic exhibition, all the more interesting regarding the diversity of the work. Impossible to miss the works of Marie Hamelin, Jean-Pierre Couric, Claudine Dessertenne, Charlotte Madezo et Daniel Le Saux. The visitor will also notice driftwood works by JCD, R Hervio's lamps, Gilles Amoureux's at first sight quite obscure picture that suddenly lightens revealing sardonic humor. In this selection also impossible to forget Gaèle Flao, Monique Gautier, Arnaud Diringer and of course Eric Devantoy's sculptures...

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